Sunday, August 31, 2008


I find it very strange that a black man is so close to winning the white house and we haven’t heard anything from the Klan. You would think that they would have some type of protest or make some type of statement; however we haven’t heard a word. Which makes me believe that John McCain may be a Klan member? I believe that the Klan is keeping quiet because they know that it will cost him the election. If you look at his tactics they are similar to the ones that they Klan use. He first accuse Mr. Obama of being a Muslim and now the Anti-Christ this are the same type of tactics that the Klan used to make white America fear Martin Luther King. You can also look that the fact that he feels more comfortable in town meeting settings. Not to mention the fact that he was against the Martin Luther King holiday and he hired a white supremacist to work on his campaign. He changed his views on the confederate flag from,” the flag is offensive and a symbol of racism and slavery to personally I see the fag as a symbol of heritage”. He also voted against any attempts to bring about the end to Apartheid in Africa six times. America does not need a racist in the white house.Go to this website to read more on how John McCain loves black people.

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