Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who is running for President Palin or McCain?

I can’t believe how the republicans have pulled the bait and switch on America. At first all of these people were not sure about McCain but as soon as he picked a female he is the best thing since apple pie. Let get it straight this female is not qualified, why didn’t pick Mrs. Rice she would be the best pick. Have you notice that since he picked Palin, John McCain is in the background. Do you really think that because she is a woman she can run the country better? Remember she is running for Vice President. What has she or McCain said that would make you believe that they would do a better job than Bush? We can’t afford to vote for Black, White, Republican, and Democrat, male, female. We have to vote for someone that has something to say. Someone that knows that the America people are feed up. We need jobs people. So please do not fall for the hype, Palin and McCain or wrong for this country.

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