Friday, September 12, 2008

Ask Yourself

You have heard Obama’s speech and it has moved you, a man who wants change and wants to help the America people.
You have heard McCain’s speech and he talks about Obama inexperience, and then he sticks women in front to sway you.
Ask yourself are you so afraid of a black man that you would hand this country over to someone who would help the rich to keep getting richer and to let the middle class become poor. People are saying that McCain and Palin are right for this county but I haven’t heard anything about how they would make things better. Please people this is very important, we are Americans and our country has lost it status as being the greatest country in the world. If the Republicans had a good candidate I would vote for him but they do not. We need someone that will do the job. Ask yourself are you voting for who is the lightest or who is right.

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